Privacy Policy

You must understand the privacy policy when you use our Writerlyway website to collect, utilize, and transfer information. This website is primarily designed to provide information for multiple categories to our customers and partners, typically businessmen. You are required to check out the Website Policy, which lays down applicable data protection rights of the website visitors and also your right to object to processing your information. Using our website, we are authorized to transfer your personal information across national borders and to other countries, where we and our partners will deliver the information for multiple categories. We advise you to review authorities’ privacy protections and rights to access your information on our website. We have all rights to only transfer your personal information for business purposes permitted by law, and we will take steps to ensure that your personal information continues to receive proper protection.

Introduction and Overview:

Generally, when you access our website to get information about specific products and services, you will be asked to enter your personal details and get full access to our website to collect the information. Personal data generally explain the information in connection to you or another identifiable individual who needs help to obtain accurate information and services from a particular website. Along with this, Writerlyway will let you know the additional privacy information specific to products or services protected by privacy and other notice you need to see while using them through our website. But if you don’t agree with this privacy policy or do not understand the relevant terms for using the products and services or collecting information, you will be prohibited from accessing our website. 

What information do we Collect?

We take your privacy seriously and collect your personal data when you purchase, use, or register for our products and services on our website. We are truly good at securing the data we collect and sharing the information with our other seamless businessmen to achieve our objectives. You may check out the essential personal data that we generally collect when you are on our website to get information about your different main objectives. 

  • Personal Information – You might ask to share your personal information, including your Name, email address, phone number, government ID card, etc.
  • Non-Personal Information – When you access our website, we have designed it to collect your device details through cookies, IP address, browser type, etc.
  • Payment Information (for e-commerce sites) – If you purchase an item or subscribe to us on our website, you will be asked to enter the correct Credit card details, billing address, online net banking details, etc.

What are our Data Collection Methods?

We always collect information directly from various users using forms and account creation. You will also be able to share your personal information automatically through cookies and log files that will be activated on your device whenever you access our website. If you want to know further methods of collecting your personal details, see the significant points below.

  • We collect your personal information when you purchase, download, or update our subscription or activate any service or product from our website or app.  
  • When you contact our customer service or sales team to request information, you automatically access the page where you must enter your personal details. 
  • If you need to collect information for multiple categories and services, we generally ask you to share your essential personal profile to start the services.
  • Sometimes, when you approach us to collect information about travel, technology, education, e-commerce, and other services, we allow you to hare your important personal details. 

What we do of your personal details:

We are authorized to transfer your personal details to the same community concerning a corporate manager, consolidation, sale of assets, bankruptcy, or other corporate change. Likewise, if Writrelyway is associated with a merger and acquisition, you will be notified via email or prominent notice from our website. Further, we can submit your personal information to any third-party business owner who can use your details to grow the business. Initially, when you access our website, you can agree to all terms for accepting the privacy policy and follow the same routine accordingly. 

Security Measures: 

We generally describe the security measures we use to protect your data, using encryption and access controls, on our website to serve your primary goals. So, if you are collecting information or registering the services, you will get 100% security in your personal details, and we strive to use commercially acceptable methods to protect your information. But we don’t guarantee absolute security if you don’t log in to your account after using our website or if any third party accesses your personal information or steals your personal data from our website. You will be wholly and solely responsible for all these activities and can’t take any action against our website. 

User Rights:

We generally don’t process your data without your consent, but we do so; you can revoke your consent at any time. Your data will be saved when we share it with someone for growing our business, and it does not impact the lawfulness of processing based on your permission. You need to share your personal details accurately, but if you share any wrong information, you can correct them shortly.

Legal obligation:

You deserve legal obligation while processing your personal details; you must comply with laws and regulations. You have the right to delete your account and avoid all personal information we share on any other website maintained by the terms of the policy, which you need to accept spontaneously. 

Use of Cookies:

A cookie is a text file containing an identification number that you must accept to transfer it to our technical device. It helps you access our website instantly when you search for products and services using your device’s browser. So, we provide cookies to protect and improve the services that you get from our website.

Updates to Privacy Policy:

You might be experiencing some changes on our website with incomplete information about the services and products that you obtain from our website. We reserve the right to change the information and services without prior notification, and you don’t need to oppose any changes we make on our website. But if you don’t access our rules and privacy, you will be terminated from accessing the website. For that, you can’t claim to use it as our website is only a mediator in distributing the products, services, help, and information. 


The information on this website is for general purposes only, and we generally maintain it to update the information regularly. Hence, you don’t need to approach us on this website if you find any wrong information about products and services. We don’t make any presentations or warranties of any kind of express or the accuracy, reliability, suitability, or availability of this website in any services, products, help and information.