How to check in United Airlines

A handful guide on United Airlines Check-in: Process and Policy.

On the of your flight departure, you pack your bags and reach the airport and before going to board for the flight, you must have t pass through a process that is Check-in. This is a crucial step for any flight traveling, which is required to be completed anyhow to get the boarding pass. If you don’t know how to check in United Airlines, then this guide will be a helping hand for you. Here, you will learn everything essential to be aware of, including policies and processes.

Procedure for United Airlines Check-in. Online check-in process

In a world full of technology, where everything is digital, including your check-in, you have a variety of options for online check-in for flights.

Via Website: United allows web check-in. To do so, you must reach and then go to the check-in tab. Using the booking details, complete the check-in process by tapping the right choices, pay the required charges if applicable, and submit it. Your digital boarding pass will be generated, and you can download it.

Through app: Similar to the Web check-in, Use your App, go to the check-in tab, and follow the on-screen steps. Your check-in will be completed.

Offline Check-in

Many people find online check-in confusing and complex; this understands United Airlines well. To resolve this, they have proposed offline check-in approaches, which one cna use at the airport or via phone, whichever they prefer.

Via Phone call: One needs to make a phone call to 1-800-864-8331 and follow the on-call process, and your check-in will be completed by the you can

Via Airport Counter: Reach the airport ticket counter at least 3 hours before the departure and ask the executive for the check-in. They will ask you for traveling information; kindly provide it, and they will give you the boarding pass as you pay them the applicable service fee.

Via KIOSK: You can find the KIOSK machine at the airport and use it for check-in to avoid standing in the queue. KIOSK prompts you to follow steps on the screen, which you can follow: choose the options, fill in the information, flight details, and baggage selection, and your e-boarding will be generated.

United Airlines Important guidelines.

Let’s understand some of the important guidelines of United Airlines check in policy that is very essential to remember. Below are some of the major highlights of United Airlines.


  • United allowed passengers to check in in many ways, including online and offline.
  • Check-in must be done through authentic methods.
  • Your check-in must be completed 30 minutes prior to departure to avoid any no-show.
  • A passenger would be considered a No-Show when not completing their check-in process.
  • On some specified routes, the check-in must be completed within 90 minutes.
  • Passengers who are going through the check-in process must keep documents handy. These include the reservation number, Personal information, Flight details, Valid passport, Government-Issued ID, and other additional documents.


  • Passengers will not be permitted to check in online if they are carrying any physical tickets or have made reservations through unofficial portals or a third party.
  • If you opt for any particular service, you are restricted from completing your check-in from the airport.
  • If you travel with pets, you must check in offline.

Does United let you check in on the app?

Yes, United Airlines does offer thier passengers to check in from the United Mobile Application and wondering how to check in United Airlines then, you must log into the app using your booking number and guest name and then go to the check-in tab. By following the on-screen process, answering questions and your check-in will be completed.

How long before a United flight can I check in?

United Airlines opens its check-in portal at least 24 hours after departure. The check-in timings are given below.


  • Online check-in is allowed 24 hours from departure. The window closes one hour before departure.
  • For check-in via KIOSK, passengers can reach the airport at least four hours early and begin the check-in process. They must be present at the desk and complete the process themselves.
  • When you check in for your United Airlines flight via the Curbside method, your check-in time will be 4 hours to 30 minutes from departure. To do that, you must carry a valid photo ID with you.

Final Words.

In the end, let’s conclude what you have learned. If you have difficulties in How to check-in United Airlines then hopefully, you have gone through this page and learned all the vital methods and rules related to this. If you need more help, then you must contact United Customer Service and speak with them.

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