how to book flight tickets for handicapped

How to book flight tickets for handicapped

Every airline provides seats for handicapped people and many other services that make their travelling comfortable and safer. When a handicapped person travels, add special assistance to your booking and mention the help you require. If you have no idea How to book flight tickets for Handicapped person, then there are several methods available. You can also request special assistance after the reservation by contacting customer service or visiting the official website. However, the request has to be made at least 48 hours before the departure.

What is the discount for handicapped people on airlines?

Most of the airlines provide discounts for handicapped people up to 15% to 40%. The discount varies on the disability of the passenger and the airline. To avail of the discount from the airline, the passenger needs to provide the relevant documents. If any passenger is more than 80% disabled, then they can even get up to 50% discount on some airlines. To get any further details, contact the airline’s customer service.

How do I book a flight for a disabled person?

Booking a flight for a disabled person is not a complicated process, and you can easily make the reservation through the online method, phone call, or by visiting the airline’s office. To get more information on these methods, read the given information:

Through online booking – You can use the online mode to make a flight reservation with the airline and add special assistance to your flight. Those who do not know how to book flight tickets for handicapped through the official website or the mobile application can go through the points given below:

  • Visit the airline’s webpage or the official mobile application.
  • Enter your destination details based on your choice.
  • Tap on the available dates and add the number of passengers.
  • Then, you need to pick a flight and mention the passenger details.
  • Tap on the “Add services” option and choose the type of assistance along with the document.
  • Apply the discount for the disabled person and make the final payment.

By calling the airline – Another easy way to book a flight for a handicapped person is by calling the airline. Once someone from the airline gets in touch with you, discuss the necessary information and formation, and the live executive will help you. Following are the instructions to book a flight via phone call:

  • Dial up the airline’s telephone number from your device.
  • Press the button for your desired language and click the IVR option to book a flight.
  • After that, a live executive from the airline will get a hold of you.
  • Share the destination details and explain your situation,
  • They will provide all the necessary details and assist you with the reservation process.

Visit the airline’s reservation counter – The third and last method to book a flight for the handicapped is through the reservation counter. Mention all the required details to the executive, and they will provide information on all the available flights. Provide information about your condition, and they will add special assistance to your booking; then, you need to pay the relevant charges and collect your ticket.

What are the facilities provided by the airlines for a disabled person?

There are multiple types of facilities provided by the airlines for a disabled person. There are no charges for using these facilities. However, you need to provide the relevant proof. Below are mentioned all the services that you can get with

Wheelchair assistance – Passengers will get wheelchair assistance at the check-in counter of the airline. They can use a wheelchair to get to the departure gate or travel.

Personal Assistant – A personal assistant is provided at the airport who will assist you in getting to the seat, using assistive devices, and reaching the departure or arrival gate. The assistant will be present until you leave the airport.

Easy baggage check-in – If any passenger is travelling with their own mobility assistance like a wheelchair, cane or device, then they do not have to pay any extra baggage fee for check-in for free.

Early boarding – The airline allows the passengers to board early for their flight. However, it is recommended that they reach the airport at least 3 hours prior to the flight timing. Complete the baggage check-in process and board the flight.

Through the mentioned details, you must have learned how to book a flight ticket for handicapped people and the discount they will offer if you have one. For any additional request, if you need guidance regarding anything, then speak with a live executive, and they will provide the relevant information.

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